I just wanted to clarify a few things regarding the challenge. It was brought to my attention by a participant that the first challenge might be too difficult for some people to reasonably accomplish every week. What she didn’t understand, because I hadn’t made it clear, was that each deed challenge is meant to be enacted within that one week- until the next one is introduced. That means, between this Friday and next Friday, your goal is to do Qiyaam-ul-Layl at least once. How and when you choose to pray it is up to you (read some of the links in the previous post for some valuable info regarding Qiyaam)!

She had a legitimate question- isn’t it that ALLAH loves the consistent deeds? What’s the point of doing it once? My non-scholastic answer to that is that you can certainly keep doing it every week; I don’t think anyone could argue against someone doing that. But when I conceived of the challenge, the idea that I had in mind was that each deed would force us to reassess how and why we do things for the sake of ALLAH- a purification of our duties and intentions to ALLAH (SWT). My hope is that with each different (and consistent!) weekly challenge, a fresher and more genuine (and thereby a more beneficial) connection to ALLAH will emerge, bringing us to a place where these acts of worship and honor are no longer viewed as challenges, but as much-anticipated iman events!

When I first converted to Islam it took me a really long time to understand what it meant to do something for the sake of ALLAH. Really accomplishing that requires a person to possess a sincerity and purity in his/her heart and mind, and a level of God-consciousness that I hope these challenges will build.

So, I hope that is clear now. There aren’t too many rules, but if I had to lay them out, here they are:

1. Each deed must be completed at least once within the week it was posted (more would be great!).

2. You must reflect upon the deed, and prepare for it in whatever way you need to facilitate its success (think about how much you prepare for a work, school, or child’s project).

3. Purify and state your intentions to ALLAH, and pray for their acceptance.

4. Challenge your iman; raise your expectations. Do more for ALLAH! Do more…


~ by deedschallenge on February 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. Salaams,

    I love the hadith. Very inspirational and make one think. I called my local nursing home but they do not have volunteers coming in yet! That shocked me. They are hiring an activities coordinator, insha’Allaah, and maybe will have the ability to have volunteers in the future. I think it would be great for me and my girls to visit regularly.

  2. asalamu alaikum wa rahmatulah,
    though I may be a little slow at keeping up I am slowly keeping up with the challenge. I really appreciate the opportunity and encouragement, I think its a wonderful idea and the hadeeths help us all to know the sahaba better as we should be doing, and they are given to us slowly so we can reflect on them, Jazaki allah khayran

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