Good Deeds Challenge #2

On the authority of Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Any young person who is kind to an elderly person because of his age, Allah will send him someone who will be kind to him when he becomes old.”

This week’s deed focuses on doing something for someone else. It just so happens that through the mercy of ALLAH (SWT), this deed will mean just as much to you as it means to the other person, insha’ALLAH. I am challenging you to step aside from your frenetic life for just a few moments, make an intention to ALLAH, and write a simple note or card to an elderly person. It might be someone you know, and you can mail it, drive by their house and stick in it their mailbox, or lodge it near the front door. If you don’t know someone, there is a sister in Maryland who is a certified senior advisor who has agreed to distribute the cards/letters to the elderly in the nursing home she operates within, many of whom, she says, do not see their families very often, and would be so happy to receive something. You could also help an elderly person with their groceries, let them cross the street before zooming by, or open the door for them. However, I mentioned the card first because it requires more of you- it is a premeditated event that requires you to stop your life for a moment for the sake of ALLAH- that is something that is often hard to do.

RESTRICTION: YOU CANNOT SEND AN EMAIL! As much as I love that the internet facilitates so many good things, I mourn the loss of the WRITTEN word, so this challenge necessitates that the note/card must be in writing! Think of it as creating tangible evidence of your commitment to do this for the sake of ALLAH! Also, if you are sending cards to a stranger, please use God instead of ALLAH (SWT), in the event that they are not Muslim.

I will follow as soon as possible with the sister’s address information. And, if any of you in CA, or other cities or states know of Muslims who may be able to pass on cards to the elderly, please let the rest of us know!

May ALLAH purify your intentions, make this challenge easy for you, and fill your heart with the serenity of love for Him and for His Prophet (SAW). Ameen.


~ by deedschallenge on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Good Deeds Challenge #2”

  1. Alhamdulillaah, for the opportunity to participate in this challenge.

    When I read the first challenge, I was moved to tears because it was the best challenge to begin with–Prayer, the foundation of our lives and faith (after Tawheed itself). But to be honest, it was less of a challenge for me than it was a finding a sense of camaraderie as I did as Allah has blessed me to do for some time now–waking in the last of the night to pray to Him.

    Ironically, or perhaps it’s not so ironic when I stop to think about it honestly, it was the second challenge that was the first real “challenge” for me. It’s not that it’s hard to sit down and write a card (I love writing cards and often design them myself and give them to people). The challenge came when I realized, quite sadly, that I don’t really know any elderly people besides the few in my own family. So I spent most of the week trying to determine whom to give the card to. Allah blessed me to finally find someone; however I was left pondering how polarized we often are from those outside of our peer group or family. Or maybe it’s just me. Now, I’m left reflecting on how to live the Sunnah of being kind to the elderly when I have somehow managed to live my life with little interaction with them. It’s a bit scary to think perhaps I could grow old and the youth will be so busy with their lives that they don’t know I exist.

    May Allah have mercy on us, and unite our hearts and lives so that we may care for and love one another.

    Thanks, Gena for this one. BarakAllaahufeek. This was truly a personal challenge…and wake up call for my soul.

  2. Jazaki ALLAHu khairan for your penetrating words. Your view on the challenges will probably resonate for many of the challengers. A friend and I were just revisiting a conversation we’ve been having for years- contacting local nursing homes to see if any of them would be open to monthly visits. Now we need to ACT on it!

    I was told that there is a local masjid here that is trying to raise funds to build a Muslim home for the elderly. We have so many elderly in our community, but do we know what their needs are??? I agree that we are so disengaged from the elderly- consumed with our own lives, or the lives of our young ones. But ALLAH (SWT) tells us that the elderly require as much care as our young- sometimes they require more. Thank you so much for really reflecting on these deeds— it is ALLAH alone who can reward you with rewards and blessings for your commitment, but it helps me, personally, to know the spirit with which you are committed. I hope to be able to use your example in my own quest to improve my deen.

    BarakALLAHufikee Aydan…

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