Musings Challenge #2

Salaams Good Deeders!

I wanted to make two things clear about this challenge. One, if you really aren’t ready to commit to doing these deeds every week, please just send me a blank email with the subject “Remove me.” I won’t judge, I promise. But, I just wanted everyone who signed up for this in the initial fervor of good intention, to know that each and every one of us is seeking the same thing- stepping closer to ALLAH through the sincerity and clarity of our intentions to do these deeds. It just isn’t fair to any of us to take this challenge nonchalantly, or as an afterthought. And, if I can be selfish for a moment, I REALLY conceived of this with a sort of idyllic sense of community- the kind of community that I conscientiously chose to join over eleven years ago, the kind of community that recognized that genuine achievement was about much more than what we were being taught in school.  I have found strength in the number of people who initially committed to doing these deeds- it confirmed that Muslims were looking for any way to improve their connection to ALLAH, and to find joy and energy through good deeds done for the sake of their Lord.

I hope that this will serve as a reminder to you of the commitment you took, and ALLAH is our witness.  I sent out an email that all challengers needed to read important clarifications on the blog— the most views on the blog are about 150 (there are over 400 of us).  The blog isn’t essential to the completion of the deeds, but sometimes I will post information that you MIGHT need to complete the deed or answers to questions posed by other challengers that may help you.

Second,  I am often plagued by thoughts that I will be responsible for hundreds of people ceding to do anything in addition to their worship besides these deeds.  There is NO status quo for good deeds or spiritual enrichment!  So, though I do believe this is a great way to learn how to make a sincere connection with ALLAH, it is not intended to be the end-all-be-all.  My goal is that it will compel us to stop the daily grind more often to honor our commitment to ALLAH, and show our reverence to, love of, and dependence upon Him.  In the end, my own goal is that I will not be able to let a day pass without having engaged in a sincere, uninterrupted moment in which I feel the nearness of ALLAH.  I can only pray that I will die having felt it!  And I pray the same for all of you, too (AMEEN!!!).

Long story short— if you need more time to commit, just let me know. I’ll keep you on address book “speed click” when you decide to rejoin, insha’ALLAH.  I want everyone in this challenge to know that this is a united, committed front of people trying to accomplish the same thing.

Jazak ALLAHu khairan, and look for the next deed tomorrow, insha’ALLAH!


~ by deedschallenge on March 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Musings Challenge #2”

  1. JazaakAllaahukhair! This is a really important point. It’s easy to recognize the good and say, “I’m in!” but it’s another thing to actually follow through. Thanks for the reminder. May Allah give us Ikhlaas and Tawfeeq. Ameen!

  2. This challenge took some thought. Most of the elderly people who are dear to me have passed away. Then I realized that sending a note to someone close to us can be easy. I finally thought of the elderly mother of my husband’s colleague at work. She has been in and out of hospital over the past year and has suffered quite a bit. Then I remembered she only speaks Farsi, so I called my neighbors who also speak Farsi, and asked them to help me write the note. My intentions are to bring joy to a fellow Muslim and sick person. After sending the card, I watched a program by Sheikh Kobaisy. He mentioned a Hadith that means if you bring joy to a Muslim it alleviates punishment in the grave. Let us all try and bring joy to one another, and not just Muslims. Spread joy my friends. Sister Gena jazaky Allah khairan for all your efforts.

  3. Jazaki ALLAHu khairan for this wonderful comment! Ma sha’ALLAH, may ALLAH reward you for all of your efforts, and for involving other people in this good deed. I hope that others will take inspiration from your story. Barak ALLAHu fikee…

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