Challenge #3

“Eat of the good things we have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein.” (20:81)

“The strong believer is better in the eyes of Allah than the weak believer” (Al-Bukhari).

“Now send ye them one of you with the money of yours to the town: let him find out which is the best food (to be had)…” (18:29) (notice ALLAH (SWT)didn’t say the most food you can get for your money?!)

Our bodies are a responsibility given to us by ALLAH (SWT). I am challenging you to assess your health– what do you eat and drink and how often do you exercise? Are these things contributing to your overall well-being, or are you wittingly or unwittingly abusing that which ALLAH bestowed upon you? Now… that’s easy. You could probably answer that right now in your head. This week, DO something to improve your health, but do it with the intention of thanking and honoring ALLAH for giving you relative health. Take the farthest parking space from the store, walk up the stairs to work, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, take a family walk after dinner. Whatever it is that YOU think addresses an issue regarding your health- commit to doing it this coming week, insha’ALLAH! Remember, there are many reasons we do things for health, like losing weight or avoiding pain. But the point of this challenge is to do it by recognizing that your body is a responsibility from ALLAH– so start taking care of it (on the blog I’ll be posting the various things that happened last week that made me want to do this specific challenge)!!!


~ by deedschallenge on March 8, 2008.

One Response to “Challenge #3”

  1. Alhumdiallah for Sr. Gena conceiving the idea of weekly challenges. It has really help my deen. I’m sorry I have not responded before today. Challenge 3 was very helpful on putting me on the right path to exercising and eating healthy. On my job I had to change where I park my car which is now further. I didn’t complain about the longer walk because it was inline with this challenge. In addition, I reduced the soda intake from my eating habits significantly. I know I need to eat healthy and exercise so this challenge helped motivate me.

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