Good Deeds Challenge #9

We all know this hadith, right?  “Cleanliness is half of faith.”

And there are other reminders:

“Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” [2: 22]
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised the Muslims to appear neat and tidy in private and in public. Once when returning home from battle he advised his army:
“You are soon going to meet your brothers, so tidy your saddles and clothes. Be distinguished in the eyes of the people.” [Abu Dawud]

Cleanliness can be interpreted in numerous ways.  Spiritual purification, ritual purification, bodily cleanliness, presentation (as in the hadith above), etc.  My first thought in this challenge was to ask you to devote some time to taking care of the exterior of your homes (pull the weeds, plant some flowers, and/or sweep away the cherry blossoms and pine needles(OH! That’s my house!)).  This is often a part of us that gets neglected  (and like it or not, it is a reflection of who we are), and I thought it would be great to manifest our “cleanliness” in this way.  It would also be a great way to get out of the house with the kids, and teach them that cleanliness extends to innumerable facets of our lives.  Let’s show people in our neighborhoods how valuable cleanliness is in our deen.

And though I still believe that that would be a great challenge, I think that this hadith encompasses so many parts of cleanliness that I don’t want to bar you from other acts in this regard.  Wudu’ is part of this hadith, and its proper execution is integral to the purity of many of our acts of worship, most notably, prayer.  So, think about this when you move forward in this challenge.  Don’t limit yourself.  Spend a day outside making your home a statement about your beliefs and your faith.  Take the time to do wudu properly, with good and pure intentions, washing the impurities away before you stand before ALLAH, make the appropriate preparations before Jumuah next week— there are so many ways you can complete this challenge.

I will include some resource pages and links to help you out.

Remember, even if you think you don’t need help in this area of your life, you are never infallible or beyond improvement.  Seek the pleasure of ALLAH when you clean your kitchen at night (not to satiate your own neuroses!).  Think of the impure deeds that you are washing away from your hands, eyes, tongue, arms, ears, and feet when you make wudu (don’t allow its perfunctory execution at 5AM out of habit and lack of sleep!).  Think more, do more, and be more!



~ by deedschallenge on April 19, 2008.

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