About the Good Deeds Challenge

This challenge was conceived out of a personal need to reconnect to GOD (ALLAH), my Lord and my Creator.  When I converted over ten years ago, I did so with a remarkable innocence that lent itself to practicing the deen with an unflappable determination.  Three kids later and eye-opening life experiences have regrettably brought me to an iman plateau.  I know better than to be satisfied with the perfunctory performance of worship.  I know better.  And, if you’ve joined this challenge, you know better, too.  As brothers and sisters in Islam, we can support each other in overcoming the plateau and raising our standards for the sake of ALLAH.  I pray that we find joy, solace, peace and rejuvenation through these challenge deeds, and that our desire to do good for ALLAH’s sake will become as necessary as drinking water is to our survival.


One Response to “About the Good Deeds Challenge”

  1. It is true that along life’s road with all of its detours and duties of family and work sometimes our iman suffers greatly and this is why being among ummah is so important, and why the rights of neighbors, and brotherhood in Islam is a forgotten art. Sometimes upon reading the hadith of the Prophet pbuh I ask myself, where have all these manners gone? Why do we not teach our children these behaviors? It was an idea I recently had that if I got out Sahih Muslem and discussed one or two hadith every night at the dinner table, how much we could cover in a year?!
    Abuot the late night prayers– how often we do find ourselves waking up anyway.. so how much effort does it take to make wudu and seek the pleasure of Allah swt to lighten our face and ease our hearts? Man talab alolaa sahir allayaly—who wants honor wakes up in the nights—-

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